These are some of the stories that I have written. I enjoy profiling artists & burrowing into the brains of interesting people. 

20+ profiles of artists & craftspeople, including:

Prince Andrew Romanoff (shrinky-dink maker, would-be Tsar)
Leonard Koren (author of Wabi-Sabi, creator of WET magazine)
Sim Van Der Ryn (father of 'green architecture')
Geoff Evans (ceramicist, aikido practitioner)
Rachel Corry (shoemaker)
Brittany Cole Bush (shepherdess, leatherworker)
Point Reyes Books
Walter Blair Tom
 (painter, surfer)
Willis Bigelow (bag-maker, sculptor)
Susan Hall (ceramicist & painter)
Marion McKee (jewelry & mobile maker)
Patricia Briceno (felter, spinner)
Asia Wong (artist, dancer, liaison)
Liz Migliorelli (herbalist, flower essence-maker)
West Marin + West County
About / Mission Statement

Freunde von Freunden

Fletcher Tucker & Noël Vietor
The story of how a couple ditched city life in favor of Big Sur in order to connect more deeply with the wilderness around them.

Frederik Pferdt, Head of Innovation & Creativity @ Google
A tour of the Garage at Google and what it means to be "innovative" at one of the most powerful tech companies in the world.

James Tucker & Risa Culbertson
A profile of two letterpress printers who work in San Francisco's Mission District by day and live on a houseboat by night.
(This profile was published in a book!)

Cass Calder Smith
An interview with a San Francisco architect known for his iconic, modernist restaurant designs.

How does a roadtrip end? A chronicle of moving away.

"Espirit de Corps"
Short profiles of five creative friends in Los Angeles: Adi Goodrich, Sean Pecknold, Stephanie Gonot, Graham Keegan, Eric Johnson.

Garrett Leight

Orion Magazine

"Taste of the Wild"
Meditations on foraging for weed in Golden Gate Park  and Gerard Manley Hopkin's concept of the "inscape" for Orion's Lay of the Land series.

Postcard from California: "What Do We Love Too Much to Lose?"
An introduction to the Geography of Hope literary conference with perspectives about climate crisis and women from Gretel Ehrlich

Natalie writes for the 
Human Parts essay collection.

Quitting My Job for the Possibility of Meaning
I decided to quit my job after I watched a TED talk. 

The Commonplace
On woodworking and the interstices.

A Plea to Keep Libraries Alive (also featured on Inklings)
A love letter to libraries and the serendipitous discoveries we make inside. 

On Client-Therapist Relations
Paying $$$ to feel like an awkward incompetent child.

A Benediction for Mourning
The ways we grieve and deal with death.

Water for Neurotics
The transcendence of swimming. 

The Art of Letters
The strange & wonderful intimacy of a forgotten art.

18 Reasons

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
A community gathering brings together local makers and artisans for a night of storytelling and good food.

The Riveter

Story of a Startup: Tailor-Made Orchestras
An Interview with Minna Choi, founder and artistic director of Magik*Magik Orchestra.

The Art of Wandering
On wandering in the wilderness and as an entrepreneur.

One Minute of Mindfulness
Mindfulness as concentration

Inflection Productivity Hacks
The tricks of the trade that the Inflection team uses to get things done.

Why the NYT Innovation Report Matters
Lessons we can learn from the rapidly changing journalism industry.

Introducing Fantastic Fourteen
Why hiring college graduates is essential to a company's growth and culture.

Introducing Inflection 3.0
Th guiding design principles and philosophy behind our new website.

Why Working from Home Works For Us
The success of our semi-structured, highly efficient WFH policy.

Eat This Poem

Winter Survival Kale Salad
A poem by Jordan Davis and a recipe inspired by Linea Caffe.

Reality SF

Wisdom: Our Bodies
Reimagining our spiritual and physical bodies.


Spectacle Magazine
A magazine about art and culture by eyewear company Garrett Leight

Synonym Journal
A bi-annual journal of word and image.

Smoke Bath
A charity art show & publication that brought together 100 artists around the theme of camping.

An independent imprint for photography.

The Harvard Crimson
The daily newspaper of Harvard College.